Free Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble free online games have become extremely popular over the years and you can find the best ones here on OnlineFun! There are several types of the best 3D bubble games offered free online that are popular but the most played include both the Zuma style games and the traditional Bubble Shooter games!

In Zuma Bubble games, there is a trail of bubbles that will slowly circle around a predetermined track. Your goal is to clear the entire trail before the bubbles reach the end of the track! Use the bubble launcher to create a match of 3 or more bubbles! Once you create a set of 3 matching colors, the bubbles will disappear! Most of the games also feature special powerups and point bonuses, so keep an eye out while you shoot each ball!

In traditional bubble games there will be a wall of bubbles that you must clear either within a certain amount of moves or time period. Your goal will be to launch each colored bubble to create a chain of 3 or matching colors. If you are able to make the connection, the bubbles will disappear! If you fail to make a connection within a certain amount of moves or within a certain time, more bubbles will be added to the board! Make sure you aim your shots and plan your moves carefully to get the highest score! All bubble pop popping games are safe for kids.

You'll find tons of other bubble games too so make sure to check the entire category! If you like match 3 type games, make sure you check out our Jewel Games as well!

Game Tip! - In our traditional bubble shooter games, most of the time a well placed shot is more important than speed! Even in a timed game, it is more important to get a matching set by taking an extra second to plan your shot!

Random Fun Fact! - Bubble games are the 2nd largest puzzle category after Jewel Games here on OnlineFun! We accept new bubble games every week, so come back often to try out the fresh new content!

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