Free Salon Games

OnlineFun has tons of free online Salon Games! You'll be creating new hairstyles, decorating nails, and giving full makeovers in no time!

Our Salon games will put you in charge of all aspects of a makeover. You'll first have to start with the customer's hair. In some of our salon games, you'll be giving haircuts to customers who will demand certain hairstyles while other times you'll have the complete freedom to do what you'd like. You'll have to wash hair, cut it, and finally style it with blower dryers, curlers, and hair straighteners.

You'll also have to give manicures and pedicures in the nail salon games! Make sure you trim each nail, cut back cuticles and then find the perfect nail color. You'll be dealing with models, fashion trend setters, and even famous celebrities, so make sure you help them look their best!

Once you finish work on the nails and hair, you'll sometimes need to help give a makeover. Apply endless amounts of lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and more to help each customer look their best! Once you are finished, each customer will look like a brand new person!

In some Salon Games, you'll actually be running the business side of things. Help sit customers in the right area of the salon, find out what they want done, and then assign a worker to help them out. As you get busier, make sure you upgrade your equipment and supplies to better serve your customers!